2nd Triannual Meeting 1 July2021 MEETING – REPORT


On the 1st of July 2021, the SEAH project held a meeting on the Microsoft Teams platform due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was related to the upcoming deadlines of IO1, the advancement of the OER platform (IO2) and first ideas about IO3.
All the files and documents presented at the meeting can be found on the SEAH Google Drive:

The complete recording of the meeting can be found at:

7 days before the meeting, the UdA Team acquired the responses to the 2nd Self-Evaluation Questionnaire. The overall opinions about the key activities for IO1, project communication, management and coordination, were mostly good.
The results of the questionnaire are available at:

Reporting Deadlines (Glauco Conte, UdA)
Glauco Conte of UdA Team gives notice of the upcoming deadlines and of the report of the first period about IO1 within Seah Project.
Slides available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WzjWE05nX-uC57720XsOUNgGhfnmritU/view?usp=sharing

OUTPUT 2: OER Platform & Project Website (Roberta Albertazzi, IWS)
Recap of IO2 and an overview of next steps. The public website is now available with different sections. In terms of indexed pages, we have more than one thousand indexed pages. In terms of positioning, we are on page 1 for the open search: Sharing European Architectural Heritage. In terms of statistics, we have more than 12000 visits since the website opening.
Roberta gives notice of the online dissemination strategies and actions like press releases on partners’ institutional channels, Youtube channel or Facebook page. She also shows to all participants the functionalities implemented in the SEAH website, such as Documents Section or Community Section. She also shows an easy and intuitive interface for learning contents, which can be useful for future learning activities (multiple choice tests, fill in the blanks). She also sets the next stages within IO2 and IO3.

IO1: Progress Report (Sara Piccioni, UdA)
Sara’s speech provided a progress report of IO1 technical platform and texts collections. She also provides a new deadline (7th of September) for text collection and gives advices about the transcription methods. There was place for describing some dissemination actions undertaken by all partners.

Anna Kupsc (BMU) gently shared with all the partners some important resource for text transcriptions:
• https://downsub.com/lang/fr
• https://clarin.phonetik.uni-muenchen.de/BASWebServices/interface/ASR

Getting ready for IO3 (Mariapia D’Angelo, UdA)
Mariapia provides some proposals on training contents and suggestions about the structure of IO3 language learning modules. She shows the example of OLS (Online Linguistic Support), which contains grammar exercises and professional vocabulary, and of the Incorporating Corpora Project. For the possible consultation of this platform, she kindly shared her credentials: OLS
usr: mariapia.dangelo@unich.it psw: Mariapia1
It was also suggested that the texts composing the corpora should, at least partially, cover the topics programmed to be used in the teaching material of IO3. Finally, Mariapia gives advice about the Vocabulary Modules in the teaching materials.