The SEAH language courses will reflect how language is actually used by academics and professionals in the field of Architecture and Construction (AC).

In order to observe real language use, SEAH has created a number of language corpora (big databanks) comprising authentic texts representative of communication in AC in FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, RUSSIAN and SPANISH.

The SEAH corpora will:

  • provide access to the type of texts produced and used by academics and professionals in AC in their daily activities
  • help us identify what language skills mobility students in AC need in order to effectively communicate and work in the foreign language setting
  • allow identification and automatic extraction of linguistic features to inform the syllabi developed in IO3

Explore the language of Architecture and Construction by accessing the corpora made available below through the Nosketch Engine interface (more information on corpus use can be found on the SEAH OER platform and on our YouTube channel).