Polotsk State University

PSU is a flagship University in university management. It has expertise in upgrading the system of its management into a more democratic and transparent governance, as well as enhancement of its educational facilities, study programmes, curricula & technologies of education, to meet the growing demands of the regional & national economy and the labour market. PSU also aims at enhancing students’ learning opportunities & employability and their active participation in university management, especially in evaluation of study programmes and teaching staff’s performance and ranking. The University is at the start of development its Bologna-type academic development strategy which includes a part aimed at Quality Assurance that is still not in use at the University as a system. Although some elements of QA are exploited, they are not part of any systematic strategy and procedures. Therefore, the group in charge of the design of the Academic Development Strategy at PSU, will be developing the strategy for QA as well as elements of QA procedures. PSU has 8 faculties with 11 830 students & 1100 staff. International cooperation is one of the priorities of PSU development. PSU has sustainable partnership with EU Universities through TEMPUS, SI, SIDA, ERASMUS+, HORIZON-2020, & DAAD programmes. 132 members of the University staff have experience in EU projects. PSU is a partner of a number of leading European universities & international organisations that work in the area of higher education and research in Germany, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Japan, China, Russia, & Ukraine.

This situation linked with academic development undertakings of the staff has been taken into focus in the Strategy of University Development adopted in November 2016 with two of the 4 main goals: to equip graduates with knowledge, competences & skills competitive on the labour market, & to make quality a culture which permeates the manifold life & in the first instance academic practices of the university.

The University is located in a regional city with well-developed industrial infrastructure with a series of national & international enterprises & plays a vital role in the development of the region by providing open access to education to the local population.