SEAH 7th Transnational Meeting on March 2022


On the 25th of March 2022, the SEAH project partners from Università degli Studi 'G. d'Annunzio' Chieti, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, Masaryk University, Polotsk State University and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Internet Web Solutions gathered online for the 7th working project meeting. The agenda previously shared and agreed among the consortium was mainly related to the presentation of the learning platform and to the digital display of the first language didactic unit, designed step by step by colleagues in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

After the greeting of the coordinator and some internal management, administration and communication points, Internet Web Solutions, the IT partners from Spain responsible of the development of the OER SEAH platform: provided a report on the total visits since the website opening thanks to an effective SEO strategy and functional dissemination activities. It followed a very detailed presentation of the learning platform (called learning corner), comprehensive of each type of exercise presented in the learning units. Partners were amazed by the digital presentation of the units they authored tailored to international students in the field of Architecture and Construction.
A new template for the fifth IO3 units was submitted to all the partners and presented by Paloma from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It was based on a short presentation (an elevator pitch) to be done by the students, based on a spidergram that will be implemented in the platform soon. It will be followed by listening and writing exercises, related to the intended pitch.

Mariapia from Ud’A informed the partners also about an upcoming special issues of a linguistics journal «RILA [RASSEGNA ITALIANA DI LINGUISTICA APPLICATA]», dedicated to SEAH. Every team is invited to submit abstract proposals and also to organise Multiplier Events aimed at illustrating methodology, Intellectual Outputs and general objectives of the SEAH-Projects to scholars, incoming and outgoing students in the fields of Corpus Linguistics, Language Teaching, Architecture and Construction, professionals both in the fields of Architecture and Construction, and in that of specialized translation and tourism.